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What we Offer to Help Organisations Better Cope with Change

We do not support or deliver any single specific change model. Change models deal with the same common theme, but package it up in different ways. No matter which model you employ, the same problems and issues will raise their ugly head at some point in the process. Taking an ironic perspective that expects change programs to continuously run into these inherent and unforgiving challenges without really delivering adequate solutions, we aim to facilitiate better coping strategies for those undergoing change, reducing stress and emotional upset and providing more critical and reflective space towards dealing with such issues as and when they manifest. 

Presentations and Workshops

If you are thinking on embarking on an organisational change or transformation project or are beginning to flounder in an ongoing initiative, we offer a series of presentations and workshops aimed at helping leaders, managers and employees better prepare for and understand the psychological and emotional stresses that accompany ambiguity and change. These presentations and workshops can be arranged around the following subjects:

  • Developing Successful Coping Strategies
  • Is Resistence Actually Important Feedback
  • Understanding the Changing Environment
  • An Ironic Perspective on Change

Coaching and Consulting

Successful change nearly always requires ongoing coaching that facilitates healthy pyschological and reflective strategies for coping with change. Due to our deep knoweldge of wider sociological problems organisations under change struggle with and our extensive cross-functional background, we go beyond basic executive coaching and try to help develop hybrid change solutions that combine best practice solutions inherent to the industry under change with whatever change model is being employed to deliver the program. 

The process:

1: Identify the situational irony: Examine the cultural expectations and explore them against the lived reality of the workplace. Discover what causes the gaps so they can be reflected upon later in the process.

2: Identify the ironic workers/managers: Typically, 20% of employees will be overly-engaged and 20% completely resistant. The remaining 60% are either bewildered (genuinely not understanding) or critically in-between (recognising what does and doesn't work and frustrated nobody is taking the gaps seriously). The last group is who you want to engage in the next step. This is the vital step.

3: Reflective forum: Work with a selected group of critical in-betweeners to develop a plan to address the gaps between expectations and the lived reality.

4: Deliver a plan for improvement: The basic consulting report based on the findings of 1, 2 & 3

5: Presentation, implementation and coaching: Reframe the problem so that all groups can "buy-in", develop a feedback/reporting system to measure whether the new processes are working, and coach key people invested in the process to maintain and adapt it when it hits speed bumps and road blocks.

6: Long-term feedback: Maintaining an active relationship with the client to troubleshoot and intervene if required in the future.

In even simpler terms: research, reflection, action.

Training Courses

Many organisations provide intensive coaching opportunities for their executives and senior management, but fail to provide enough educational help for the more general employee base. Courses that are offered for these levels are often lacking in intellectual rigour and managed by trainers unqualified in the discipline. We offer a series of courses designed to help employees quickly understand the necessity of and reasons for change and improve their communicative competencies so that they can facilitate rather than block change and transformation initiatives.

  • Critical Thinking and Effective Reading
  • Interpersonal Communications during Culture Shock
  • Deliver the Right Message the Right Way
  • Presentating Complex Ideas Effectively

Can We Help You?

The Ironic Manager seriously rethinks how organisations work at the most fundamental level and offers a variety of solutions for businesses struggling to cope with the ambiguity and stresses inherent to contemporary organisational conditions of constant change.

Richard has been helping businesses and people deal with leadership, management, communication, technology and change for over twenty years through his training, coaching, speaking and consulting services. 

His innovative research is highly regarded by world-leaders in management and leadership. 

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Over twenty years helping people managing change understand why resistance happens and develop quality vital communication skills that aid successful business transformation.


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