Creative Thinking & The Entrepreneurial Journey

Creative Thinking & The Entrepreneurial Journey

I became a management researcher to make a difference. To become deeply knowledgeable about the dominant institution of our time, the corporation/organisation. And help those that led or managed them to become better managers and leaders.

To do so, I wanted to learn how to think differently. To meld my creative, artistic background with academic rigour. To use the combination to create something beautiful, profound and practical. And create something that would make a difference to the world of work. 

I've hit every personal target I set myself. First in my master's. Check. Win international scholarship. Check. Meet the best academic minds of my generation. Check. Get the best of the best to evaluate my research. Check. Pass PhD with best possible marks. Check. 

Get a job in the field. Beep! Stop. Do not pass go. 

The irony of all ironies. I have yet to make anywhere near as much money per annum as I did before my research. When I only had a Fine Art degree to my name!

Finding people who want to employ me. Who can understand what I bring to the table. A wasteland of blowing sands and drifting tumbleweed. 

Figures right! The thing that most defines management research is how little management thinks it relates to them. But an artist teaching some creative thought and soft communications. Pow! Get him onboard!

Didn't know that when I set out on my research journey. Do now!

An Entrepreneurial Strategy

So, what to do? I'm not getting any younger. My research and knowledge can make a difference. A significant one. But it needs to have an avenue. Or it dies in a cul-de-sac of frustrated endeavour. So, how to turn creative thought into impactful practice? 

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