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The Ironic Manager Project

The Ironic Manager concept emerged from the longest study into organisational behaviour in Australian history. We discovered that ironic disengagement was actually frustrated enthusiasm. A powerful way of coping with the stresses of organisational life. Which prevents burn out and psychological illness. But there's more. It hides a deep desire to make things better. Insights into how we might improve performance. Critical and creative thinking. But they are obscured by irony and sarcasm. Because speaking openly risks losing your head. 

The Ironic Manager project shares critical insights about how we think about work. About how we can design better organisations for the 21st Century. And how we can close the gap between how we want to work and how we are working. Resulting in better engagement, innovative thinking from multiple sources, and a workforce adding value across the board.


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The Ironic Manager seriously rethinks how organisations work at the most fundamental level and offers a variety of solutions for businesses struggling to cope with the ambiguity and stresses inherent to contemporary organisational conditions of constant change.

Richard has been helping businesses and people deal with leadership, management, communication, technology and change for over twenty years through his training, coaching, speaking and consulting services. 

His innovative research is highly regarded by world-leaders in management and leadership. 

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Over twenty years helping people managing change understand why resistance happens and develop quality vital communication skills that aid successful business transformation.


Research recognised as exceptional by world-leaders in the fields of power, leadership and organisational change, receiving considerable praise for its originality, depth and rigour.


Extensive training, coaching and mentoring experience in professional development in well-known organisations, governments and business schools across the world.


Consulting on change, transformation, culture, organisational narrative, innovation and creativity, and communications to private and public sector organizations and entities.

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